My family Care - Exhibition

My Family Care

My Family Care had individual websites for each of their business area, which meant they were segregated from each other with no synergy or brand consistency.

Orckid was commissioned to amalgamate and streamline all sites to create one main portal.

The main part of the site is targeted at employers, promoting the different services available and the benefits these would bring to their work force and individual employee performance.

Once a company had agreed to sign into a contract they receive with their own customised website providing employers/employees all the information they require on the services available to them. Forums were also set up allowing people to talk/share information and experiences, and where possible optimise on the services provided.

Employees had their own personalised login area which kept a record of their individual needs etc.

The booking process was steam-lined to incorporate every possible permutation that may be required.

Emergency Child Care was targeted at professional workers whose employers were not part of the corporate scheme.

This allows them to sign up on a monthly basis to be eligible to book emergency childcare at a moments notice.

Registration forms, personalised login areas, forums and advise centres were all incorporate to make the service as seamless as possible when an emergency arose.