For over 50 years Verbatim has been a leading brand providing innovative technical solutions. The longevity of their success can be reinforced through their brand proposition 'Quality, performance and reliability all from a brand you can trust'.

Historically renowned for their recording media Verbatim has continued to leverage this to adapt and grow in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing market space.

Building on the existing brand identity and brand architecture Orckid developed a campaignable framework from which to promote Verbatim's new LED product line, and position them as leaders within the market.

Brighter Living! Brighter Thinking! Brighter Choice!

Packaging was developed for two main areas, a standard range for retail customers and a 'professional' range for trade. Consideration for the hierarchy of key communications and economies of scale were paramount as the design had to be flexible enough to work across different permutations.

Orckid developed an on-line LED 'calculator' aimed at educating customers on the different varieties of LEDs available and the energy savings that can be achieved.

With this new knowledge customers can make an informed choice on the product that best suits their requirements.

The calculator was integrated with an e-commerce platform and made available for multiple countries in multiple languages.

Verbatim exhibited at numerous lighting exhibitions and events across the globe, including Italy, Germany, UK, US and Dubai.

Orckid developed a very minimalist stand, part of which was segmented into different areas, depicting scenarios such as home living or retail, allowing the products and their technological features to be showcased in a relevant environment.

A comprehensive range of collateral was developed to install confidence in Trade customers. They provided a greater insight into Verbatim and their Mitsubishi parent company, and their extensive technological experience' all under-pinned by their 'Technology you can trust' proposition.