The workshop

Verbatim is a world-leading technology company providing customers with Data Storage, LED Lighting, 3D Printing, Accessories and Water Filtration solutions.

As products became sophisticated, audiences changed, and an opportunity to engage tech-savvy and professional customers arose.


Creative development

With an expanding portfolio, ORCKID provided the strategy to position and creatively communicate the business advantage by leveraging the Mitsubishi Chemical brand and building strong B2B partnerships.


UX + Wireframe

Following market research, ORCKID designed an agile marketing toolkit with enhanced digital capabilities to support B2B professionals in their daily lives and position Verbatim as the go-to destination.



ORCKID delivered a design formula which bridged the gap harmoniously across all departments. The result was a unified brand experience including a 17 language multi-lingual website with E-Commerce capabilities, and custom widgets to support B2B customers, all of which powered by a centralised platform for greater efficiency.

Brand Visual